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What's Inside the Info Kit?

  • A Complete (Start to Finish) Video Series Explanation of the Infinite Banking Concept
  • "The Simple Banking System" by Josh Thompson. Discover the power of high cash value life insurance
  • 47 Year Case Study on Cash Value Life Insurance, and How it Outperformed Other Financial Strategies.
  • Awesome Secret Bonus
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Video 1 - How Does the Infinite Banking Concept Work?

In this video, you’re going to learn the distinct advantages of the Infinite Banking Concept, and how you can rock it in your financial plan.

Learn why banks, large corporations, and wealthy individuals have used it for centuries as a foundation for their finances.

Video 2 - The Numbers on High Cash Value Life Insurance (3 Case Studies)

This video dives into exactly how you can fund your own high cash value life insurance policy. Whether you have a lump sum today, or just want to start saving more consistently, we’ll show you how it looks.

And as a bonus, we’re going to show you how to take future income, and how much you can take.

Just a few of the resources...

We've picked only the most valuable resources to add to the Info Kit.

  • 'The Simple Banking System' by Josh Thompson

    “The ‘Simple’ Banking System” is a concise and to the point view on all the advantages and disadvantages of high cash value life insurance, how it works, and it can help kick start your wealth.

  • Insurance Company Case Study

    This case study compiles 28 years worth of data into one simple document. Direct from one of the oldest insurance companies in the world, this case study demonstrates the exact growth achieved in 6 different policies over the last 28 years.

  • The Truth About Participating Life Insurance

    This 47 year case study gives you a real life example of the power of high cash value life insurance. It is equipped with numbers and comparisons to help you better understand it’s powerful use.

  • And More...


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