The "Infinite" in Infinite Banking

Alan M Alan M "With all of the uncertainty in today’s markets, I wanted to find a safe haven to keep my money while also being able to access funds without restrictions and penalties seen in traditional IRA’s and retirement plans."
David M David M "I wish I had been introduced to these financial tools years ago. It has given me peace of mind in these troubling economic times. I now have a financial map to a solid retirement income. My short term and long term future is secure which removes the stress of what to do in protecting my finances."
Andy S Andy S "My wife and I are very risk averse, so guarantees are a big appeal to us. Couple this with the fact that we have ready access to the majority of our money. This strategy just really aligns with our interests."
Rahul A Rahul A "I have been able to take full advantage of several opportunities and not worry about several high expense issues that have come up over the last 2 years. It has allowed me to invest in great real estate at low prices when banks were not loaning money."