The GPS View

Post by Owner – Dan Thompson

Last week I was traveling in an unfamiliar part of the country. Luckily we have the technology to put into a GPS the address of the destination and within seconds we have a mapped out plan of how to get where we want to go.

What is really interesting is on the map you can’t really see all the little problems or issues you may have to deal with along the way. Things like road construction, pot holes, hills and valleys, in fact it all looks rather benign on the map. Sounds kind of like looking at a financial plan. Looking at all the numbers, the colorful pie-charts, the couponing of money and so forth seem like an easy way to reach your financial destination. The problem is no one tells you nor can predict all the problems and issues you’ll find along the way to your financial goals. It’s like looking at the GPS, it looks rather easy, but you just never know what you are going to encounter.

What if there were a more predictable way to reach your financial destination? What if it dealt with it many of the unforeseen problems before they occurred? What if you could pretty much put your financial plan on “cruise control” and avoid many of the potholes, construction delays, and the peaks and valleys? There really is such a way. If you control the FLOW of money, if you control the need for capital and the need for savings, you control your destiny. It’s fairly simple, but requires a shift in the typical way of thinking, financially speaking. We’ve all been told that we need to risk our money and seek high rates of return to be financially successful, but that is simply not true. Control is the key and knowing how to create a system of control is the answer.

Creating a private banking system will do more to put you in control and map out a course that will avoid many of the pitfalls, typically associated with traditional financial planning, than any other method. You should see how it can work for you.