The Blame Game

Who’s fault is it?

Look around at the economy, at the government, and our whole financial situation. Now I want you to think about this question. Who’s fault is it?

According to Harris Poll, “Over three in five Americans (63%) blame large corporations and 60% blame state government for their financial situation. Just under half blame the President (47%) and local government (47%) for their financial situation.”

Can I submit an alternative. It’s our own fault. Everyone of us.

The real problems are these, lack of savings and overspending.

But I don’t need to get into those quite yet, let’s look at who we first blamed.

Large corporations – these corporations that are to “blame” are looking out for their best interest. It’s like a smoker. It’s in the best interests of the tobacco company to keep smokers alive, not to kill them. Same goes for big corporations. It is in their best interest to keep our economy alive and flourishing, otherwise there would be no capital for them to sell products, innovate, and rise in their own markets.

Now, the only corporations I would point the finger at are the ones stealing your money, these are many of the top financial corporations and banks. Now, I cannot “blame” these institutions because they provide some good services.

However, I do blame people for getting ripped off. If you have a 401k, have you studied your 401k plan? Do you know how much money you pay out in fees every year? Do you know that companies, financial institutions, and money managers all have to be making money off of your account before you make anything? Do you realize that we are constantly in debt and banks are making billions of dollars off of our cars, food, appliances, homes, and everything else we finance?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you can only blame yourself. Ignorance will not get you closer to retirement and a solid savings plan.

Now onto government. Somewhere back in medieval England, ancient Greece, former Rome, Africa, dynastic China, wherever your roots, we all became ancestrally brainwashed into thinking that if someone was a ruler, king, president, etc., that they had A) our best interest in mind, and B) the capacity of thought, character, action, and wisdom to make this happen.

“This just in, hot off the press,” they don’t. They don’t. It’s as simple as that. Even if you take a look at the federal reserve board or any other financially qualified mind in our country, they don’t know all the answers. If they did, we wouldn’t be in trillions of dollars in debt, have a bad economy, etc.

The point is, we cannot blame them for the outcomes of our own selfish motives. Our government has the same problem that we all personally have, we lack control. We don’t budget, and we don’t make good decisions, we make “now” decisions.

In Washington, they are probably all looking down at us from the hill and blaming us for all the problems. It’s just a blame extravaganza, everyone is pointing the finger.

The truth is it’s ourselves who are to blame. If we all became fiscally responsible, we wouldn’t have a government being fiscally irresponsible. The government is only a mirror image reflection of our own selves. We set ourselves up for this.

The problem is, yes, it is a bad economy now. That has become the excuse. The truth is, like Joseph in Egypt, we have had low savings rates and debt through the good times. Now the bad times hit and we lack the capacity to pay off those debts.

Banks fail, corporations fail, government bailouts occur, housing prices fall, interest rates are held artificially low, these are all dominos that can be, for the most part, traced back to our own downfall as individuals to be responsible.

It’s up to you, as a person, to get your own life in order. If you were making 60k and now you only make 30k a year, live within your means now. If you have to cut your losses, suck it up, and move to a smaller house, do it.

The key to wealth isn’t how much you make, it’s about time. It’s about how much time you have to spend with your families and people you love.

And you gain more time by being responsible and saving your money, preparing for retirement, and being responsible.

Not to mention the stress it takes off your life when you aren’t in debt.

There are doctors with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and there are janitors who rest easy. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you do it.

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