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Often times with the way we talk about whole life insurance, people get the impression that we are against term insurance. This is completely false. We are not using whole life insurance for the insurance. Sure, we hope to get to a point eventually where we have enough insurance from our high cash value whole life insurance policies that we don’t need anymore insurance. That’s a great place to be in, however, safety and proper planning have to come into play in any financial plan.

Where does term fit in? Just the same as in any other portfolio. When you are in a position in life where you don’t have enough money to cover your family if you were to unfortunately die, then you need insurance…period.

However, the argument against what we do here with cash value life insurance is that you don’t need insurance your entire life. Great. The insurance argument doesn’t apply here. But that’s the argument always used. It doesn’t make sense. The reason is, it’s not the point. We are not concerned about the amount of insurance, we are not buying this for the coverage, but for the growth.

So, should you have term insurance. If you need insurance, and you don’t have enough money saved to provide the benefits to your family if you die, then yes. We would be heavily recommending you get insurance.

Term insurance offers great benefits, and it is completely and 100 percent necessary that you are covered. There have been too many stories of people leaving behind a wife and kids with no money because they had no insurance. Even worse, they leave them in heavy amounts of debt. It’s unfortunate, but it happens all too often.

Although we don’t talk often about it, we do offer term insurance. Whether it’s no exam term life insurance or you need more help in determining your coverage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are 100 percent licensed life insurance agents that can help you with any insurance needs you have.

Term insurance is very inexpensive, so don’t wait around until it’s too late, start getting a plan in place today. If high cash value whole life is right for you, great, if not, that’s ok too. We can help you put together a financial plan that fits you. We have some very strong connections and we have build an entire group of experts that can help you with anything you need financially.

There are some very healthy benefits to getting a term quote online. With the online world changing prices will continue to get more competitive. Online quotes can do wonders for your insurance needs, especially when it comes to term insurance which is more of a commodity these days.

By taking some time and looking at your options you can make sure you are getting the best no exam term life insurance quotes possible. This means no hassles with dealing with salesman or having to go through the procedures of getting a life insurance exam. It’s a win in most situations.

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