A Special Thanks From Jake Thompson

“As a 'thank you' Here’s 7 More Strategies to Help You Master Your Finances

...Even When the Economy Tanks"

Jake Thompson

Dear Friend,

A sincere thank you. We’ve had an overwhelming response to my new book and I just wouldn’t feel grateful if I didn’t personally thank you.

While I’ve done my best to “put my best foot forward” and offer real value, the reaction has overwhelmed me, and I can’t help but “up the ante.”

I’m going to show you how you can access our $3,000 course for free - before paying a single penny.

Yes! Try Our $3,000 Course Free!

Now before I go any further, I need to emphasize something important.

You’ll have my new book in a few short days. You’re going to discover a really powerful way to use life insurance just like the wealthy have used it for centuries. I can personally guarantee you’ll be enlightened and have a new sense of direction. I couldn’t be more excited for you...

But there is so much more to being financially free than a supercharged savings strategy.

This is important to understand because it could be the difference between financial improvement and financial mastery. I know you are capable of being financially great, and I want to give you the entire map to get there.

Imagine with me for a second how it would feel to wake up every day with the certainty that your finances are under YOUR control, that you will retire (comfortably), that you will be free to travel, visit kids and family, and that you won't have to pinch every penny you spend. And I’m not talking about winning the lottery, but a comfortable lifestyle that gives you the freedom you want. This is what's around the corner for those who really want it. Doesn't seem like too much to ask for right?

Now I’m not suggesting that everyone that takes our course will be financially free and enjoy a truly comfortable lifestyle.

In fact, I’d wager that most people who take it will not make the serious changes that need to be made to have the real freedom they claim to want. Only those that really want financial success, and are willing to make changes for it, will get the results they are looking for. A map gets you no where, you have to be willing to make the journey.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What's In the Course

First of all, this is not just another personal financial course. There’s no cheerleaders hyping you up on pinching pennies and cutting coupons – just the real and raw facts about the “New Economy” and what you need to do to be 1) Prepared, and 2) Profitable.

And it’s logical and easy to understand.

Most people “get” that risk isn’t fun and the markets are extremely risky, they just don’t know the alternatives. This course will be the breath of fresh air and common sense you’re probably looking for.

It’s the same system used by America’s most elite individuals. The same system that not only helped them build wealth, but continue to keep it growing even when the markets tank.

And even though we cover some of the same material I’m sending you in my book,

We’re Showing You 7 More Strategies

Each one better than the last.

See, you can use life insurance as a solid foundation for wealth, but there’s so much more.

Take your mortgage for example…

This is likely the largest purchase you will ever make. You’ll likely pay 3 times more than the purchase price after interest. More importantly, it is a cash cow for banks and lenders, and they’ll do (almost) anything to get you to pay more interest. What you don't know could save hundreds of thousands of dollars and mean the difference between an average retirement, and a comfortable one.

And while most people never think about taxes, the wealthy have actively changed their strategy, saving buckets of money for them and their loved ones.

And the 300% returns I earned by leveraging my life insurance policy. I'm breaking down the exact strategies I used to do it, as well as the people that helped me get there.

So like I said, there’s more to your finances than “just” life insurance.

Here’s a small piece of what you’re getting…

  • The Perfect Financial Blueprint For Rocking Your Finances. You'll know exactly where your money is now, where it should be, and why it should be there.
  • What is the “Quiet Millionaire” and how to be one, even if you don't have excessive income.
  • Simple hacks to keep more of the money you make. You won't have to make any changes to your monthly cash flow to make these work.
  • Another look at the most stable asset in the world - Life insurance. We'll even design a real scenario for you (if you want us to).
  • How to get your mortgage and other loans paid off faster. Unlike popular advice, you won't be forking over more money to the lender to make this work. In fact, you'll be in a safer position than ever.
  • How to perfectly time every investment and what to look for to know they'll work.
  • The who, what, why, where, when, and how of real estate investing and how to know if it's for you.
  • A little known strategy to create lifetime income you can't outlive. This takes ZERO risk, and is a huge game changer.
  • The Income Maximization Model. The trick to avoiding the Government traps that kill your future income.

You won't find anything like what we have already prepared for you anywhere on the planet. This is just a taste of what's inside.

But it gets better because you’re also getting…

Unlimited Access to Myself and My Team

At the end of the day every financial situation is unique and presents its own challenges and opportunities. While you could take the information inside the course and make some awesome progress, we know it's nice to have a "second set of eyes" taking a look. We're pretty good at this, and can help you see things you probably missed. It's often times the small tweaks that create the biggest results.

And since we've literally seen anything you can imagine, we'll likely have some ideas to help... if you want them.

Try it, Then Buy it

Listen. If you're the kind of person that would like to take a new car home for the week to "make sure" it's what you want before you pay for it, or that wants to pay for their meal only if they like it, then this is perfect for you.

I personally can’t do much more than let you in our $3,000 course for free, let you use it, and then pay for it if you like it, but I’m going to anyways.

I’m so happy you bought my book I’m going to let you in at a fraction of the price. This will be a VERY limited time offer, since I’m taking a big hit (for myself and my partners).

So basically try it free for 7 days. If you like it, keep it. Instead of paying $3,000 I’ll basically give it to you for $97. That’s literally a fraction of what everyone else pays for it.

But I’m not done yet…

Access to the "Inner Circle"

They say it's not "what you know but who you know."

Not only will I give you access to content that could be worth 7 figures for some of you, I'm opening up my "black book" of contacts, people that I personally use to make investments, get mortgages, manage taxes, etc.

These people are the best at way they do, and as a member, you get access to them as well. This is worth the full cost of the course itself.

Here's What to Do Next

Like I said, the first 7 days are free. All you have to do is click the button below and you'll have immediate access.

I’m using technology that allows you to get inside and get started in less than 60 seconds.

And if you're wondering if now is this time... it is.

I Can't Do This Forever

I can’t do this for very long. Especially since others pay upwards of $3,000 to get access.

In all likelihood, I’ll be closing it down tonight.

I’m sure you understand why. I don’t want to undercut those that have paid $3,000 for access, so I have to limit this offer to only a select few.

And truth be told, those that get in today are the ones we want. We call them action takers, and they’re the ones that will have the best chance of getting results.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer
So Get Access Now.

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Thanks again for purchasing my book. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jake Thompson

P.S. Again, in case you’re one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s what's going on:

I’m mailing you a 70 page book that outlines how to use life insurance as an investment/savings tool, the same way that the wealthy have done if for centuries.

While that is powerful, I've put together 7 more strategies to give you a complete road map to creating wealth.

More importantly, I'm letting you try it before you buy it. I want you to know the value is there before you ever pay a dime.

I’ll be walking you through a complete blueprint to be ahead of the curve, to be prepared for the changes that have already occurred and that are happening now. Trust me, the wealthy have already made huge changes, and you don't want to be left in the dark here.

What’s important about this is you’ll be able to take back control over your finances, something very few people ever truly accomplish.

On top of all that, I’m also giving you complete access to myself, and my team, in case you have any specific questions. We understand every situation is unique, and want to help how we can.

This is a very limited offer because people pay $3,000 to get into this course. I’m giving you 7 days to try it, then you can keep it for $97. This will be open for a very short window, just as a thank you for buying my new book.

If for any reason you don’t like whats inside two things will happen.

1. I’ll be shocked
2. You won’t be charged a dime

And one more thing. I’m giving you access to my “black book” of contacts. These are the people I personally use to make personal financial decisions, and I’m letting you have complete access to them.

Click below to get started. You won’t regret it.

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