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The elevation group was founded by internet marketing guru Mike Dillard.  Dillard became an expert on creating an online buzz and attracting eyeballs to whatever he was pushing.  His latest venture, The Elevation Group, claims to give it’s members access to the “blackbox strategies of the wealthy.”

So what are these “blackbox secrets” and how much does it cost to get access to them?  

One of the main ideas that Mike Dillard focuses on is called the Infinite Banking Concept – a strategy that we hav analyzed in depth here on our website.  (Here is the founder of Infinite Banking as a guest on our podcast).  To be quite honest the idea of Infinite Banking is anything but secret.  It is true, however, that only about 1 in 1,000 advisors truly understand how to properly implement the strategy.

Another focus of the elevation group is gold and precious metals.  Their theory is that you need as much gold as you can buy because the dollar is soon going to collapse and we will go back to the gold standard.  Now I can’t claim to know what is going to happen to the dollar but I do have my thoughts on the price of gold.

Beyond Infinite Banking and investing in precious metals the elevation group talks a lot about real estate and other hedges against hyperinflation.  As I have spoken with more and more people who are members of the elevation group I get the feeling that the price might not be worth the outcome.  As of writing this post the cost is about $97 per month to be a member.  I’m sure regular updates are included and there is some significant value to being a member, however I cannot get a straight answer from anyone involved due to the fact that Dillard structured the group as a multi-level company.  Meaning that anyone involved will get paid by getting me involved, which makes it hard for members to be unbiased.

All that being said I think the Elevation Group is doing a good thing opening people’s eyes to the dangers of relying on the stock market for the building of real wealth.  At the same time I have a hard time understanding the justification behind charging 100 dollars per month for information that is available through other, much cheaper, sources.


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