No matter what type of business you are in, there is always a need for capital. The same holds true for Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors, and every other Medical Professional. The Infinite Banking Concept is used by Medical Professionals for many different reasons including: education, buying a practice, inventory, equipment, payroll, remodeling, buying an office building, purchasing vehicles, etc. Over a lifetime, these practitioners will spend millions of dollars on these major capital purchases. The Infinite Banking Concept will show you how you can create your own private reserve, and put bring this money back to you.

Banks have profited from lending deposited money to others at a higher interest rate than they promised to pay the depositor. This has enabled banks to become one of the most powerful industries in the world. Since banks have amassed tremendous wealth and power through lending and since most of us use banks for our personal and professional needs and expenses, why not cut them out of the loop and create our own banking system?

There are some critical steps to understand and assure the success of the banking process. Sadly, very few advisors know or understand the power and benefit of creating your own bank. Many are still stuck in the same rut of putting money at risk trying to combat the risk of loss using financial buzz words like diversification, asset allocation, and portfolio optimization – all of which are NOT WORKING.

Where do you start?

Every medical practice requires the proper set of tools. The same is true in the financial world. Business owners need the right financial tools to succeed and to maximize each dollar. The banking process is a great foundational tool for every practice.

We utilize savings vehicles with attributes such as:

• Guaranteed
• Tax Deferred
• Tax Free
• No IRS involvement
• No Probate
• Creditor Protection
• Unlimited Funding
• No 59 1/2 or 70 1/2 rules
• Control
• Liquidity
• Ownership

There is only one savings vehicle still available to us with ALL of the above stated benefits.

With the economy on an undetermined course, taxes looming, and the stock market losses, maybe it’s time to look to for stable and predictable financial future.