How To Save Money On Groceries

Buy Food In BulkAs someone in the financial industry I get asked often how to prepare for an economic disaster. It is very apparent that people are concerned about where our economy is going and how they can prepare for it… and rightfully so. Everyone talks about buying gold, buying gold, and buying gold. Now before I make this next statement, I understand–and hopefully everyone else does as well–that no one can predict the future and what it holds, but this is my best take.

(If you’re wondering how this relates to saving money on groceries I’m getting there, so hang tight)

In the event of an economic disaster, I can only assume from a personal standpoint that gold may quite possibly be one of the last things on my mind. My priorities are going to be procuring food for my family, providing shelter, and doing everything I can to protect them physically from people seeking the same in a violent way. You see, in that type of a situation, food will become a very important and high-ranking asset, outranking any kind of precious metals out there (unless that metal is in the form of a shotgun).

I mention this because I believe that the techniques I use to save money on groceries are the same techniques I use to prepare for global economic or personal economic turmoil. I buy food storage. If you want to know how to save money on groceries, aside from getting discounts and using coupons, here is how: Buy in bulk. It is so common for us to go to the grocery store for what we need today, tomorrow, and this week, but is it not true that you will need food for the rest of your life? So why not buy accordingly if it can save you money.

In our home, We buy large quantities of wheat, rice, oats, beans, dry food items, and countless other things. We find that it is cheaper for us over the long run to get the discounts on a larger supply that we will need throughout the year. As we utilize and run low on those items, we restock again.

So how to save money on groceries and better prepare yourself for the uncertainty of the future…

Moola Saving Tip: Buy in Bulk

One more side note: A lot of people overspend because they have no idea how to use the basic items that do come in bulk. It is a waste of money to buy things like Hamburger Helper and Riceroni when it is far cheaper to make it on your own. My wife has used books like “Centsible Meals” to use these items in her meals… and even though I’m very picky, the meals she makes with these recipes are really good. It can easily be done, so take the time to learn to do it right, and you will save yourself a large chunk of money.

Taste Saving Tip: Learn creative ways to make good meals. If you don’t it can make life miserable.
Marriage Saving Tip: Never tell your wife it isn’t good.

Lastly, keeping the appliances that your groceries contact in good tune is important, too, in getting every cent’s worth from the grocery budget. A bad freezer door gasket leads to spoilage or freezer burn. A bad oven thermostat will scorch food, and so will a tired microwave turntable motor. Figure out which of your appliances isn’t in apocalypse-ready working condition, and try out asking the folks at your local hardware store (or if it isn’t that local) if you can just buy the part and fix it yourself some Saturday.

All in all, you can find a lot of ways to save on groceries… just a matter of doing it.


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