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We are very excited for our first little girl to arrive in the next few weeks, and already she’s keeping us busy. For the past few months we’ve been on the hunt for deals to fill up the nursery and collect all the other necessities that come with a newborn.

This is actually the start of a new category for me, Moola Mind Deals, where I’m going to start sharing the deals I find, where I find them, how I find them, and how much I buy them for. You can click on the category tag under the title if you want to read more Moola Mind Deals.

The following items were found on craigslist. Now as a slight disclaimer, I am always hesitant to buy certain items on craigslist. For example, I would NEVER buy a mattress, that grosses me out. So when it came to getting these baby items, we made sure they were in pristine condition, and we could wash them. So I’m happy to say that all the items we have purchased have been extremely clean, AND we have washed them.

Shermag Glider Rocker


Glider Chair

Retail ( 237.99

Craigslist Price: $90

I’ve seen these priced at more and I’ve seen them for less, but this particular brand is a little nicer than some of the other glider rockers out there, and therefore more expensive. We didn’t really like the cheap styles and wanted something a little nicer.

This particular glider rocker took me a few weeks to find, because I like to make sure its near new, and in pristine condition. I don’t like the idea of cloth being used, so it takes me more time than maybe others.

When we got to the house to check this out, the chair was in very good condition, and the home it came from was very nice and clean, which to me is important. We knew it was a great deal, and bought it.

Graco Lovin’ Hug® Infant Swing


Baby Swing

Retail ( $109.99

Craigslist Price: $30

This was a great find. It took me about a week to find it. The funny thing was that when we went out to see it, we realized we had bought 2  items from her already, and that was over a year ago! She must be a craigslist addict too! Very nice lady, very high quality items, and very clean home, so we bought it.






Graco Quattro Tour Stroller


Baby Stroller

Retail ( $159.99

Craigslist Price: $30

Now this one we found is a little older than a brand new one from Graco, but, in my opinion, it works just as well.

This particular stroller we bought from a guy, on craigslist, that used to install (believe it or not) car seats. He bought this top of the line a while back, but didn’t need it anymore. It, like the other items, is in excellent condition, because it kind of makes my skin crawl to think it would be any less clean.

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