Whole Life Insurance is a Bad Investment, Right?

I was in a bit of an online argument (don’t worry I’m ok) the other day with a guy on some random website comments. These are unproductive, for the most part, and Dan Thompson would be telling me it’s a waste of time. Probably true. To continue, we were about done with it all when…

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Qualified Plans: How to Get the Highest Rate of Return

We all want the highest rate of return possible. This has been ingrained in us since the first day we started learning about money. But getting a little better understanding of how your rate of return works inside your qualified plan may help you see some truths about qualified plans you didn’t realize. What do I…

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“Us and Them”: Who Stimulates the Wall Street Mentality

Control. It’s what puts the millions of dollars every year into the pockets of the big wigs, and even the small wigs, in the Wall Street arena. However, who really stimulates the consistent persistence of this Wall Street mentality? Is it us or them? We live in a culture of I want it now, credit…

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The Truth About Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one of those “buzz phrases” that has been used by financial planners for a long time to help keep their clients feeling warm and fuzzy in inside.  Coupled with the phrase portfolio diversification, asset allocation was all a planner needed to say to gain the trust of a prospective client. Well unless…

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Wall Street Myths – Average Vs. Actual

That fact of the matter is that for every 25% loss you incur—you must gain 33⅓% just to get back even!

In our equation most investors would say that they averaged 0% over the last 2 years. In other words +25% and -25% averages out to 0%.

The truth is if you go up (or down) 25% and then go down (or up) 25% your average return has been a negative 3.17%.

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