Bonds Outperform Stocks Over 30 Years

I was prompted to write this article when I recently read that, over the past 30 years, bonds have outperformed the stock market. What makes this even more interesting is that in our recent Linkedin poll we found that only 5% of those polled invested in bonds versus 56% investing in stocks and mutual funds.

If you are like millions that have been invested in the stock market, banking on the “buy and hold” strategy, this news should make you cringe. Think about it, you would have been better off investing in those boring old bonds that nobody pays attention to instead of holding on for dear life as the market played with your money.

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The Government Wants Your Retirement Money

The government is looking for any way possible to reduce the huge amount of debt it has racked up. Now there is even talk of tapping into American’s retirement accounts. Something to think about for those planning on starting a government sponsored retirement plan or that currently contribute to one.

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Linkedin Poll Results: Retirement Savings

Here is a snapshot of the Linkedin Poll Results on Retirement Savings… still 18 days left…

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