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We love collecting good information from guest bloggers. Here is a category designed specifically for their information.

Mutually Owned and Publicly Traded Companies

Guest Post by Alicia Eberle There are two common forms of insurance companies: 1) mutually owned, and 2) publicly traded.So why does a life insurance company’s ownership structure matter to a policyowner – to you? When choosing a life insurance company, it’s important to know how a company is run. While both a mutually owned…

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Pension Plan, Defined Contribution Plans, and Public Workers Compensation

Guest post by J. Grace Liao. A pension is a form of deferred compensation earned overtime through employee service. Traditionally the pension arrangements were classified as defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans. A defined contribution plan is a retirement plan whereby the firm contributes a certain payout each period to the employees’ retirement account…

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Immediate Annuity

An immediate annuity is the arrangement of a regular flow of income checks to you. You can receive this income, based upon your preferences monthly, quarterly or annually.The checks can start to you as fast as within one month of deposit, and … You can utilize savings that you have through other retirement plans, savings plans or even through deferred annuities… The immediate…

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What is a Simple Annuity?

A simple annuity is defined as an investment vehicle designed to accept, grow and, upon annuitization,  payout a stream of income.  Annuities are offered by insurance companies.  The insurance company is in charge of your money and is contractually obligated to see that you get paid the agreed upon amounts. For you linguists out there the word…

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