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Using Cash Value Insurance While Paying Off High Interest Debt

Hey. Thanks for stopping by this post. I am starting this out odd because, well, I’m a bit tired. The reason. This is the third time I am writing this post. I started out trying to show how to use life insurance with debts, but it got way too complicated. And every situation is so…

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Whole Life Insurance is a Bad Investment, Right?

I was in a bit of an online argument (don’t worry I’m ok) the other day with a guy on some random website comments. These are unproductive, for the most part, and Dan Thompson would be telling me it’s a waste of time. Probably true. To continue, we were about done with it all when…

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The Options You Have When Choosing a High Cash Value Policy

Many people are unaware they have options when it comes to creating a high cash value life insurance policy. And, to be honest, I wasn’t able to offer these options for a long time, and most people in this business still do not have this ability. So, being able to give you options has been…

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Life Insurance Premiums (Base, PUA, Term, and Reduced Paid Up)

After a long and arduous battle with a lengthy blog post idea on this topic, I realized that a podcast was going to be much easier. And now, for your less boring audio educational enjoyment… Life Insurance Premiums (Base, Paid Up Additions, Term, and Reduced Paid Up)

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Why Making Purchases With a Life Insurance Policy Loan Makes Sense

Let me tell you about Jim. Jim is 55, and Jim is pretty mad. I just got done reading an email from him and, he was in a fury, a bit humorous, but the angry overtones were definitely there. He’s mad at himself and the world that he didn’t understand the concept of compound interest…

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How Far Would You Go To Pick Up A Penny

Nick’s long lost cousin collected over $3,000 in pennies! Listen in as we talk about how far we would go to pick up loose change. Let’s just say some will go farther than others…

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Special Guest Kim Blanton From The Squared Away Blog

This is one of our best podcasts to date! We’re joined by Kim Blanton, a veteran financial writer and reporter, who runs the Squared Away Blog. Her blog is so awesome, when I ran across it I did everything I could to get her on our show and she graciously agreed.


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Universal Life Part 2

Max Herr, a Universal Life Insurance expert, joins us for part 2 of our Universal Life series. Max knows more about the ins and outs of these complicated polices than anyone else and took some time to answer our questions.

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Universal Life Fraud

Special guest Mark Colbert joins us on part 1 of our 2 part series about Universal Life Insurance. After listening to this episode you’ll understand why we’re not strong proponents of Universal Life Insurance, and you’ll learn what some very dishonest agents are doing out there to scam unsuspecting consumers.

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Pay Tax Now or Pay Tax Later Podcast

Government sponsored plans like 401ks and IRAs have played a major role in retirement planning for years. In this podcast, we share clips of real CPAs, and dig into the value of tax deferral, to understand the purpose of tax deferral, and determine if you should pay taxes now, or defer taxes, and pay them later.

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