Important Financial Decisions After Obama’s Reelection

Obama won the election and as such we have to at least consider what that means to each of us financially speaking.

Now more than ever you need to look at what you are doing with your money, and find ways to keep it safe and out of the tax loop.

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“Us and Them”: Who Stimulates the Wall Street Mentality

Control. It’s what puts the millions of dollars every year into the pockets of the big wigs, and even the small wigs, in the Wall Street arena. However, who really stimulates the consistent persistence of this Wall Street mentality? Is it us or them? We live in a culture of I want it now, credit…

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The Government Wants Your Retirement Money

The government is looking for any way possible to reduce the huge amount of debt it has racked up. Now there is even talk of tapping into American’s retirement accounts. Something to think about for those planning on starting a government sponsored retirement plan or that currently contribute to one.

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Video: Illegal Everything

This is a great little video that includes how many laws the government makes every year, little girls getting lemonade stands shut down by the police, and people getting arrested for simply running their business.

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Economist Carlos Lara on Inflation, Privatized Banking, and The Federal Reserve

One of the heaviest taxes we pay, and will pay, is the inflation of our dollars. This could potentially be the biggest problem we face, and it stems from the banking industry, government, and the federal reserve. We invited Carlos Lara, an expert in Austrian Economics, to share with us how privatized banking is a key step to controlling inflation.

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Lobbying, Power and Corruption

When speaking about lobbyist and lobbying firms former lobbyist Jack Abromoff said, “I was participating in a system of legalized bribery. All of it is bribery. They all participate, all of them.”

There are over 11,000 registered lobbyists in Washington alone. Name any big political issue and you’ll find a wave of millions of lobbying dollars rolling in behind it. In 2009 3.5 Billion dollars was spend on lobbying – these dollars went to everything from agriculture and defense to finance and health care.

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Barry Dyke: The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway To Serfdom

Barry Dyke has spent close to 15 years researching the corruption and greed that is currently happening behind closed doors. His most recent book, The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway To Serfdom, outlines many aspects of our financial industry, and how we are being robbed in broad daylight. Listen in as we discuss with Barry some of the topics of his new book, and what we, the average American, may be missing.

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Tax Deferral- Pay The Tax Now or Pay The Tax Later

Millions of American’s contribute to tax deferred accounts every month and every year. In fact, thanks to the Pension Protection Act, you are now automatically enrolled in a 401k when you start a new job. I wanted to share a few thoughts on these types of accounts and how it should affect your overall tax…

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Government Spending Explained

The video illustrates the road to our national debt, and what Government has done to get us here.

The most interesting part of this video is the ability for our government to consistently issue bonds in order to satisfy the interest owed on other debt. Borrowing money to pay debt is never a comforting cause.

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A Guide To American Federal Debt

This short film is the perfect depiction of what our government demanded when asking to raise the debt limit.

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