"Becoming Your Own Bank”

A Robust Financial Strategy Designed to Put You in 100% Control.

Alan M Alan M "With all of the uncertainty in today’s markets, I wanted to find a safe haven to keep my money while also being able to access funds without restrictions and penalties seen in traditional IRA’s and retirement plans."
David M David M "I wish I had been introduced to these financial tools years ago. It has given me peace of mind in these troubling economic times. I now have a financial map to a solid retirement income. My short term and long term future is secure which removes the stress of what to do in protecting my finances."
Andy S Andy S "My wife and I are very risk averse, so guarantees are a big appeal to us. Couple this with the fact that we have ready access to the majority of our money. This strategy just really aligns with our interests."
Rahul A Rahul A "I have been able to take full advantage of several opportunities and not worry about several high expense issues that have come up over the last 2 years. It has allowed me to invest in great real estate at low prices when banks were not loaning money."

Here's How it Works:

1. Stock Pile Cash

Stock pile your cash into the safest asset in the world.

2. Treat it Like a Bank

Borrow from your stock pile of cash or 'Bank,' for purchases and investments. Learn the art of becoming your own banker.

3. Pay Interest to Yourself

Pay yourself the interest you would normally pay banks and lenders.

4. Watch it Grow

Watch the money grow as you use it. Or leave it in there for additional growth. Either way, it is guaranteed to always be growing.

And the Best Place to Do it All?

High Cash Value Life Insurance

Specifically designed by America's wealthy.  Available to everyone.

Not that "garbage" peddled by insurance agents...

Instead, a highly efficient, supercharged savings vehicle designed for stockpiling wealth. A product so powerful it's responsible for the success of Walt Disney, JC Penney, and McDonalds.

  • McDonald's

    Ray Kroc wasn’t immediately profitable with what is now the largest fast food empire in the world. During those early years, he used this strategy to finance employee salaries and keep the business running.

  • Walt Disney

    Not many people saw Walt Disney’s venture as a great idea, especially banks and lenders. Fortunately for him, he’d been using this strategy to stock pile his cash, and financed his entire venture.

  • JCPenney

    While it’s now a multi-million dollar company, JCPenney wasn’t always what it is today. In it’s early years, Mr. Penney himself saved his own business by using this strategy to finance short term losses.

Here's What You Might Not Know:

  • 100% Safe

    With Over 200 years of history, it’s likely the safest place on the planet for your money.  Notorious for having championed over a dozen recessions and the great depression.

  • Tax Free

    Not only is it protected from loss, but from taxes. It grows tax-free, you can use it tax-free and you can retire tax-free.

  • Government Free

    Say hello to the last place we have to keep money out of government control. There are no limitations on how much you can put in, or when you have to take it out. 100% control.

  • Solid Growth

    Multiple case studies reveal consistent growth between 4.5% to 6.5%. While volatility abounds everywhere, cash value life insurance remains the most consistent, predictable place for growth.

  • Liquid

    It’s your money, use it when and how you want to. Never worry about locking up money again.

  • Guarantees (No Losses)

    Among other awesome benefits, the icing on the cake are the guarantees. You will never go backward, and always be moving forward.

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