The Suze Orman Lie

This video exposes the ugly truth about Suze Orman and what she really believes. Though she preaches about various financial topics, her personal finances speak volumes about what she really believes. Learn what Suze Orman does with her money, and how what she teaches the public heavily contradicts the personal financial decisions she makes.

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The Ugly Truth About Suze Orman

Suze Orman is one of the most well known financial talk show hosts of our day. Her financial philosophies have been spread nationwide, teaching families how to save and invest their money. It may shock you, however, to find that Suze isn’t at all what she seems. In this podcast, Jake, Josh, and Nick expose the hidden details of Suze Orman’s personal finances and how highly contradictory they are to her financial teachings.

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Gold – A Lesson in History

Gold is always seen as a safe place to put money and to hedge inflation. In some cases that can be true, but according to Dan you may want to think again. Watch as Dan shares insight on what has happened to gold in the past, and how that may impact us today.

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CPA John Larson on Taxes

As tax season comes to a close, we decided to get some straight tax information from a highly qualified, local professional. Listen in as we talk with John Larson, a local Treasure Valley CPA, who shares with us changes to the tax code, common tax errors, and some valuable tax strategy that could help you avoid unnecessary future taxation.

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The Value of Liquidity

If you’re like us, you like to be able to use the money you earn. There are a lot of reasons why having our money liquid and accessible is very important. Listen in as we discuss the flawed American philosophies that tie up money (401k, IRA, government plans) and why liquidity is so important.

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Infinite Banking and Debt

Most debt plans today help eliminate debt, but fail to create the added value the Infinite Banking Concept creates. The idea is not to just eliminate the debt, but to redirect those dollars back to you, ultimately eliminating the debt, but also putting the dollars back in your pocket.

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Evaluating The True Performance of The Stock Market

Using the Stock Market Matrix from Crestmont Research Josh, Nick and Jake of Wealthonomics analyze the history of the stock market and provide a serious reality check.

View the stock market matrix at×17.pdf

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The Rise And Fall Of Gold Prices

You may not think comparing gold to internet stocks makes much sense, but the trends may be more closely connected than you think. In this podcast we look back at the historical price of gold and analyze what causes the fluctuation. If you think gold is he only safe place to have money right now you need to tune into this episode.

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Is Gold Just Another Internet Stock?

Gold is obviously a hot topic of conversation right now because it seems like everyone is flocking to get their hands on it. Looking back at the historical price of gold in the chart below its amazing to see the huge increase in the price of gold since 2009, and if you remember back to…

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Liquidity, Use and Control and Why It Matters Most

The average consumer today goes about saving money in completely the wrong way. The first question asked is “what vehicle gives me the greatest potential for gain?” The factors of risk, potential for loss, LUC, and safety are all secondary considerations. By taking the path of least resistance advisors continue to encourage this behavior only furthering our lack of financial literacy.

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