What is Infinite Banking?

This is a great question, one we get asked quite a lot over here at Wealthonomics, but the answer is not always very simple. Listen in as we discuss the question, “What is Infinite Banking?”

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Financial Story: Dario Bollocasa

We invited Dario to share with us his financial story and what he has done during his lifetime to save and retire. Now retired, Dario planned well during his lifetime to save, and get rid of debt, but was not excluded from market losses either. Here is his story.

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Nick Gorden – Mortgage Professional

Nick Gorden is a part of Legacy Lending group, one of the top producing Loan Brokerages in the Treasure Valley. In this podcast, we sit down with Nick and discuss some of the reasons for the collapse of the subprime market in 2008, and what that means for us today.

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The Power Of Compound Interest

Compound interest is often defined as interest upon interest – meaning that every year you will have an ever-increasing amount of interested credited to your account.

Watch the video to understand why Albert Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder of the world.

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Robert Kiyosaki and the Mutual Fund Myth

This is a great video by Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad Team about mutual funds. They make some great points as to why mutual funds are one of the poorest places to have money. There is no control, there is no safety, and there is “no insurance.”

This is another example of successful and wealthy individuals who understands the myth of mutual funds.

Best line in the video: “Mutual funds are a great way to make money—if you sell them to others.”

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Wealthonomics: Becoming Your Own Bank Videos

If you haven’t checked out our video series yet, make sure you do…

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Barbara Dopp – Real Estate Expert

Nick sits down with Treasure Valley real estate expert Barbara Dopp to discuss real estate trends, current market conditions and her opinions on where the real estate market is headed.

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Tax Deferral- Pay The Tax Now or Pay The Tax Later

Millions of American’s contribute to tax deferred accounts every month and every year. In fact, thanks to the Pension Protection Act, you are now automatically enrolled in a 401k when you start a new job. I wanted to share a few thoughts on these types of accounts and how it should affect your overall tax…

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Where Do You Put The Majority Of Your Retirement Savings?

A recent retirement poll, conducted on Linkedin, illustrates an overwhelming 57% of people still have the majority of their dollars in mutual funds and stocks. Listen in as Jake, Josh, and Nick try to decide why people are still relying on mutual funds and stocks to grow their hard earned dollars.

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Linkedin Poll Results: Retirement Savings

Here is a snapshot of the Linkedin Poll Results on Retirement Savings… still 18 days left…

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