Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 9.44.50 AM Alright, well let’s get this going, ya? I won’t make this long, but here is a little ditty on my life.

Well, I just got engagedmarried to the most beautiful girl named Jasmine. We are set to get got married on March 16, 2013. and so if I seem spacey during the next month, you can imagine that is why. We are heading out to Mexico on our honeymoon and then I’ll be back in full gear at the end of March.

Coming from the financial prospective that I do, I think she gets a bit frustrated at me being a bit too stingy. But, what can you expect from someone who sees financial collapse all around?

She is an excellent artist, and she currently is working very high up in a local survival gear business. She basically runs the whole thing, she is a genius.

I’ve always been into music, I play guitar, drums, piano, and whatever other instruments I can get my hands on. So, when I don’t have my head buried in my newest book on finance, I’m probably writing music–or watching Netflix with my Fiance wife.

That’s my life for now. If you are looking for my contact information, here you go.

Josh Thompson
(208) 856-0436
josh (at)

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