Jake ThompsonI’m excited to write a little bit about myself here. If you’re reading this, you’re probably past the understanding of what I do, so I’ll tell a little bit more about me…

First and foremost you’ll see the picture of my wife and I a few years back. She’s certainly the best part of me, and has played a key role in where I am today. She has also been willing to give up 9 months of her life carrying the newest addition to our family coming in August (2012- already here). For those curious, we are having a girl, and we don’t know what we are naming her just yet named her Adrianna.

I utilize the Infinite Banking Strategy quite heavily on a personal level. Just last year  (2011) I purchased 2 properties with my policies, and am excited about the value that has been added there. I love investments, and I love learning everything I can about money and finance. If you have any tips on good quality books, podcasts, or videos, certainly direct them my way.

Before I end… I am always looking for ways to dig up more information on people online, so here are the best ways to dig up info on me.

Jake Thompson
(208) 639-0804
Jake (at) becomingyourownbank.com