3 Ways To Keep Saving On The Mind

I’ve been a saver for most of my life. I still buy from the dollar menu when I eat out (and believe me, that menu is dwindling). Not that everyone needs to be as extreme as I am, but there are certainly some things I try to do to keep savings on the mind, it helps me everyday to be a better saver.

But why? In my opinion, keeping savings on the mind is the first step to greater savings. When I keep it on the mind, the spending stays low, and savings goes up. Here are 3 things I do to stay focused, and boost my savings dollars.

1. A Vigilant Eye

I can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re not aware of every dollar that leaves your bank account, you need to make some immediate changes. One of the biggest keys to saving is being aware.

I, personally, like to use Mint.com. Mint.com puts all my finances is one place. It shows me all my bank accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. as well as each transaction, notifies me when payments are due, and a handful of other things. Apart from all the neat features though, is the simple fact that its easy for me to keep an eye on my finances (especially with the smartphone app). I mean, we check Facebook everyday, right? So why not our finances?

By simplifying the process of tracking spending, it increases the ability to be aware.

2. Weekly Checkup

Setting apart time every week to budget, track, and analyze your spending habits is crucial. Plus, it really doesn’t take very long. If you aren’t reflecting, and understanding why you buy what you buy, you may be missing out on a lot of savings dollars.

This simple task has changed a lot of my spending habits throughout the years. I’ve learned to avoid purchases that result in little value, and more importantly, buyer’s remorse. I’ve come to understand what things I need and want, as well as those things that I don’t need or have no value. Give it try, you might be surprised.

3. Learning

There are thousands of sites out there that can teach you creative ways to save, where to invest, inspire you, and a million other things. Add-vodka shared an inspirational post about working hard to pay for college. These types of stories are inspirational, and have helped me to be even more dedicated to my goals.

Whether you like to read, watch videos, or listen to podcasts, go out and get inspired. Learn and grow, and likewise, your savings dollars will too.

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