How Far Would You Go To Pick Up A Penny

Nick’s long lost cousin collected over $3,000 in pennies! Listen in as we talk about how far we would go to pick up loose change. Let’s just say some will go farther than others…

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The Most Successful Strategy To Never Retire

Wasted Money

If there was a strategy out there that actually made sure you never retire, would you care to know what it is? Maybe you wouldn’t care so much, unless of course you were one of the thousands that follow it, and didn’t know it. That being said, there is a such a strategy, and it…

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5 Reasons NOT to Invest In Mutual Funds

I’m convinced the path Americans are traveling is extremely dangerous, and we are missing the big red signs screaming “Turn Back Now!” There’s this thing called a mutual fund. I know you’ve heard of it. Most of you probably have money invested in some. I know people that have lost huge amounts of money, have…

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