Evaluating The True Performance of The Stock Market

Using the Stock Market Matrix from Crestmont Research Josh, Nick and Jake of Wealthonomics analyze the history of the stock market and provide a serious reality check.

View the stock market matrix at https://becomingyourownbank.com/media/Stock-Matrix-Tax-Exempt-Nominal4-11×17.pdf

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The Rise And Fall Of Gold Prices

You may not think comparing gold to internet stocks makes much sense, but the trends may be more closely connected than you think. In this podcast we look back at the historical price of gold and analyze what causes the fluctuation. If you think gold is he only safe place to have money right now you need to tune into this episode.

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Is Gold Just Another Internet Stock?

Gold is obviously a hot topic of conversation right now because it seems like everyone is flocking to get their hands on it. Looking back at the historical price of gold in the chart below its amazing to see the huge increase in the price of gold since 2009, and if you remember back to…

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Liquidity, Use and Control and Why It Matters Most

The average consumer today goes about saving money in completely the wrong way. The first question asked is “what vehicle gives me the greatest potential for gain?” The factors of risk, potential for loss, LUC, and safety are all secondary considerations. By taking the path of least resistance advisors continue to encourage this behavior only furthering our lack of financial literacy.

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Estate Planning 101

Regardless of the size of your estate, without proper planning your legacy could be significantly affected leaving your beneficiaries with massive headaches. Most people want to be remembered by their kids and grandkids for leaving a lasting legacy but without proper planning you would be amazing at how quickly money and assets can disappear.

Today we are joined by 25 year law veteran and Estate Planning Attorney Mark Wight who helps make sense of planning for the inevitable event of demise, as well as the possibility of incapacitation. All while lessening the burden on surviving family members. Whether you are worth 100 Million or 100 thousand dollars this information is vital.

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The Dan Thompson Story

If you haven’t had a chance to read Dan’s story you will find this video very educational. Dan’s story started where most financial advisors are today- in frustration with markets and with little control over anything. When the lightbulb went on Dan discovered he could create great performance by giving clients more control, and reducing…

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Video: Illegal Everything

This is a great little video that includes how many laws the government makes every year, little girls getting lemonade stands shut down by the police, and people getting arrested for simply running their business.

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The Tax Benefits of Transferring Whole Life Insurance to Heirs

When it comes to the death of a spouse or loved one, there are many factors that play a role in how much is actually passed on to family members. However, it’s important to understand why life insurance can provide not only money for expenses, but also provide tax free distributions.

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3 Ways To Keep Saving On The Mind

I’ve been a saver for most of my life. I still buy from the dollar menu when I eat out (and believe me, that menu is dwindling). Not that everyone needs to be as extreme as I am, but there are certainly some things I try to do to keep savings on the mind, it…

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The Profitable Business of Term Insurance and Mutual Funds

Special guest Dave Ramsey gets our conversation started on the lucrative business of term insurance and mutual funds. In this podcast we explore the roots of the ‘buy term and invest the difference’ philosophy. This transition from safety and guarantees has been an incredibly profitable business model for select elites as well as banks and financial institutions, at the expense of the average consumer.

Want to see for yourself? This video will help you navigate through the FDIC website to find out how much money major banks have in cash value life insurance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOnqQbCBvcY

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