The 3 Biggest Secrets of the Wealthy

I suppose with such a bold title I could drag this post out like a murder mystery and make you wait until the last line, building suspense, in order to finally hit you with some amazing new information you never knew that would change your life. But I won’t do that. In the book, “The…

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High – and often hidden – cost of government sponsored retirement plans

Ron Lieber writes for the New York Times and has recently focused his attention on how 401(k) fees are structured, identified and communicated to participants. click here to read his article One major issue I see is the fact that the 401(k) plan has only been around for 30 years. Plans first started emerging in…

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Infinite Banking Explained

In this video, Dan Thompson goes into the Infinite Banking Concept and exactly what it entails. There are a lot changes forthcoming as it relates to government, taxes, banking and other areas. We have a lot to be concerned about, and Dan explains how Wealthonomics utilizes the Infinite Banking Strategy to eliminate losses and take control of your finances.

He also goes into why permanent life insurance is the most valuable place to create your private banking system.

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