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I have a guy in my neighborhood who has been working on a new internet startup for the last year or so, and since I’m interested in both startups and online businesses I was highly interested in what they were doing. Its a startup that connects individuals with no insurance or high deductibles (buyers that pay cash essentially), with Doctors that want to fill in their schedule. The Doctors fill in their schedules by offering a discount, and the buyer’s get a deal. Not a bad idea. His biggest problem, as he shared with me, was the fact they they were running low on funding. They were spending a lot of money on web design, back end IT, and other similar work. They were hiring a company out of Denver and the UK, and it was expensive.

I asked him if he’d ever heard of He said he hadn’t. Since it shocked me that he had never heard of it, I’m guessing there are plenty of others that haven’t either. For those have never heard of, listen up! This transformed my business.

Moola Mind Tip: Outsource with Odesk to get services at a fraction of the cost.

Odesk connects contractors and work providers from all over the world. There are literally thousands of contractors that are available to work on many types of projects with hundreds of different specialties. If they don’t absolutely have to be local, then there is someone on Odesk that can get it done. The best part is, it will cost you a fraction of what you would normally pay anywhere else. This page is a good reference for what type of work can be done.

As an example, I hire a guy to spend 15 hours a week doing SEO for my website. I pay him $3.33 an hour. He has more of a specialty that others I’ve hired, so that price is actually a little higher than I normally pay. I also have a writer that writes some content for me at $2.22 an hour, and its well written. Just last week we needed to gather some online data, so we hired someone to gather for us. His cost? $1.00 an hour.

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You can choose to hire hourly, or at a fixed-price. Its up to you. We hired someone last year to create a software program at a fixed-price, which fit our budget well, and we didn’t have to worry about how long it would take him to create it.

Odesk does take a cut of the total payout, and it is calculated into the prices I shared above. It’s around 10%, but its extremely valuable. When you hire a contractor, they have a tracking system that shows you how long they were working on your project, how much activity came from the computer (mouse and keyboard clicks), how many minutes of each 10 minute segment they worked was active, and they take a snapshot every 10 minutes randomly so you can see what the contractor has on screen. It allows you track your employees, so you can feel confident in the work being done, or get rid of the ones burning time.

When I shared this with my neighbor, he was floored. He had been paying a lot of money to get this thing off the ground. He left really excited about checking it out. I’ll link to a follow up post if I get a chance to hear his reaction and experience.

I give raving reviews for Odesk. They have a great service, and for anyone looking to hire for almost anything, I recommend seeing what you can save by using

To learn more about Odesk I recommend checking out their How It Works Page.

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