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If you’ve done any research on The Infinite Banking Concept you know there is a sea of information online about the concept.  Not to mention plenty of books written to explain the intricacies of Becoming Your Own Bank.  Of all the books written there isn’t one that gives an overview of the concept in laymen’s terms that are understandable by the average person.  This was the task that Dan Thompson, President of, set out to conquer – write a book about Infinite Banking that everyone would understand.

Dan’s 25+ years of experience in the financial industry and nearly 10 years experience helping clients implement the Infinite Banking Concept help shed some light on whether or not Becoming Your Own Bank is such a sound financial decision for the reader.  As with any financial decision, one has to be comfortable with what is happening with their money and that is exactly why Dan decided to write this book – to educate.

Not only is there an overview of the necessity behind Becoming Your Own Bank but also an in-depth, easy to understand explanation of how the mechanics of the concept work.  Getting educated about Infinite Banking is something everyone should do, we’ll be the first to say that it may not be a good fit for everyone, but understanding right now what most people wish they would have known 5,10 or 15 years ago can be crucial in creating, maintaining and transferring wealth.

You can find Dan’s book, The Banking Effect,  on or by clicking here

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