How to Save Money on Prescription Drug Medications

prescriptionGoogle it.

Now that may seem like a lame answer, but have you taken the time to search Google to find discounts before?

Well, I didn’t either, until today. I was trying to buy a generic prescription and my pharmacy didn’t have it. The brand name prescription was 130 dollars.

So, I was like, “no way.”

I called Walgreens, it was 95 dollars at Walgreens for the generic. Well, that’s a bit better than 130 dollars but still not great. I was getting a little irritated so I Googled my prescription with “coupon” at the end of it. The site came up and I clicked on it.

Some coupon came up on my screen with a bunch of RX numbers, etc. I thought, “this is going to be fake for sure.” But, I figured the worst that could happen is I look like an idiot for 2 minutes in front of a Pharmacist at Walgreens, so probably not the dumbest thing I’ll do all day.

However, I went to get my prescription, gave my computer printed coupon to her, and she said to me, “wow,” as if amazed herself, “it worked. Your price is 35 dollars.”

And my thought was, “wow,” as well.

So, if you want a discount on something, I guess all you have to do is Google it. I saved 65% by doing that one thing. Saved me 60 dollars. Not too bad.

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