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Save Money on DirecTVWhen it comes time to buy something, I am extremely meticulous and detailed in my research. I’ve been looking, for some time now, at getting some kind of TV service. It is no secret that I am extremely frugal, so we haven’t even had TV in our home, and still don’t. We’ve been using our Apple TV as a source for entertainment through Netflix and YouTube to get our TV fix. In fact, YouTube has all the King of Queens episodes, and the NBA finals have been streamed online, so what else do I need, right?

I really like to stay up-to-date on the news, and I certainly love to watch sports, so I am looking to get a TV service. Naturally, DirecTV was one of those options. They seemed to be the one that was not only inexpensive, but gave you some value for your money. So I called in to get a feel for how much I would be paying for DirecTV service. It was actually my second time calling, the first time I just wanted to get a feel for how much it would cost, but they made it clear I will never know, not even an estimate, without going through the application process. I hate applying for things without a good estimate of what it will cost me. It seems ridiculous that they can’t give me a very simple idea of how much it would cost for someone with great credit, making “X” amount of dollars every year,etc, etc… but I digress. Two weeks later, I finally mustered up the desire to go through the application process. It took nearly 20 minutes to find out what it would cost every month. I was actually quite surprised that it was less than I had anticipated according to the DirecTV representative. On top of being frugal, and borderline cheap, I’m also very skeptical. I asked the representative repeatedly to clarify the cost of the service. I had anticipated it being more expensive which I was actually okay with. I was reassured multiple times of the prices she was giving me, and being pleasantly surprised, I moved forward with the service (Quick Tip: Do not follow my example here. Never buy impulsively. It’s the first step to buyer’s remorse. I usually hold fast to this rule, but certainly slipped up here). It wasn’t until she read the disclosures that I realized her information was extremely false. Call it lying, call it deceiving, call it stupidity, the reality was I was not signing up for what I was told. She weaseled up some lame excuse as to why it was different, so I cancelled without question. Unfortunate for them because I would have probably purchased service at the higher prices I had originally anticipated.

About one week later, I was going through the mail and found a promotion from DirecTV. It was directly correlated to not having gone all the way through with signing up for service. The offer was an additional $200 credit towards DirecTV services beyond the regular promotion. I write this post to share an important tip.

Moola Saving Tip: Never say “Yes” the first time.

I’ve experienced this not only with DirecTV, and not always in the same way, but often times I have received better deals by simply being patient, showing interest, then walking away.

To wrap up the story, I still do not have DirecTV service because the dishonesty of their representative. I was also charged the start up fee without ever agreeing to the service, and I could write another 3 pages about that, but I won’t. Needless to say I have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth from DirecTV, and do not like to give my business to companies with whom I have bad experiences.


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