Can You Really Get A Deal On Everything?


How great would it feel to know you got a deal on something you never thought you could?

That’s an easy answer. It would feel great!

I decided to put this to the test, and get a deal on something I thought would be near impossible.

How Creativity Creates Uncommon Results

I started landscaping my backyard a few months ago, and after hours of putting in sprinklers, garden boxes, rocks, and a lot of other items, it came time to actually make it look good. After two failures when trying to seed, we decided it was getting late in the summer, and just needed to get some sod (I’m no pro).

I decided to make it a challenge. Could I really get a good deal on sod? Other than trying to find scraps on craigslist (which would have taken a few years to get enough to fill my backyard), I couldn’t seem to find a deal.

So here’s what I did. As a landscaper (of my own home anyway), I tried to get an account at one of the sod farms, and get a discount. It would have worked if I had a license and could commit to a bigger purchase than I needed, so that was out.

I failed, but I learned something from that failure. I learned that landscapers can get a good discount. Which was what I need to know to get the results I wanted.

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Like fate, I ran into a neighborhood friend who happened to be a landscaper. I asked if he could help me out and he did. All he had to do was make a call. I picked it up, I paid for it, and I got a sweet deal.

Normal Price: $.22 per square foot

Discount Price: $.18 per square foot

Not a huge discount, but still a discount.

How You Can Get Discounts on Almost Everything

A deal can be found on almost everything. Here are some things you can do to explore your options.

  • Check online- people get deals all the time and blog about them (like me).
  • Ask friends- a lot of people have insights you would be surprised to hear. Ask around, and use social media.
  • Ask for deals- just ask for a discount. You’ll find more businesses are willing to offer discounts than you might think.

Now tell me what you think. Does creativity help? What have you done to get uncommon deals?

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