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Infinite Banking Podcast- Paying Yourself Extra Interest

Infinite Banking Concept FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) – Why and how do you pay yourself extra interest?

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Infinite Banking Podcast- How Policy Loans Work

Infinite Banking Concept FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) – How do policy loans work?

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The Ugly Truth About Suze Orman

Suze Orman is one of the most well known financial talk show hosts of our day. Her financial philosophies have been spread nationwide, teaching families how to save and invest their money. It may shock you, however, to find that Suze isn’t at all what she seems. In this podcast, Jake, Josh, and Nick expose the hidden details of Suze Orman’s personal finances and how highly contradictory they are to her financial teachings.

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The Value of Liquidity

If you’re like us, you like to be able to use the money you earn. There are a lot of reasons why having our money liquid and accessible is very important. Listen in as we discuss the flawed American philosophies that tie up money (401k, IRA, government plans) and why liquidity is so important.

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Evaluating The True Performance of The Stock Market

Using the Stock Market Matrix from Crestmont Research Josh, Nick and Jake of Wealthonomics analyze the history of the stock market and provide a serious reality check.

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The Rise And Fall Of Gold Prices

You may not think comparing gold to internet stocks makes much sense, but the trends may be more closely connected than you think. In this podcast we look back at the historical price of gold and analyze what causes the fluctuation. If you think gold is he only safe place to have money right now you need to tune into this episode.

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Estate Planning 101

Regardless of the size of your estate, without proper planning your legacy could be significantly affected leaving your beneficiaries with massive headaches. Most people want to be remembered by their kids and grandkids for leaving a lasting legacy but without proper planning you would be amazing at how quickly money and assets can disappear.

Today we are joined by 25 year law veteran and Estate Planning Attorney Mark Wight who helps make sense of planning for the inevitable event of demise, as well as the possibility of incapacitation. All while lessening the burden on surviving family members. Whether you are worth 100 Million or 100 thousand dollars this information is vital.

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The Profitable Business of Term Insurance and Mutual Funds

Special guest Dave Ramsey gets our conversation started on the lucrative business of term insurance and mutual funds. In this podcast we explore the roots of the ‘buy term and invest the difference’ philosophy. This transition from safety and guarantees has been an incredibly profitable business model for select elites as well as banks and financial institutions, at the expense of the average consumer.

Want to see for yourself? This video will help you navigate through the FDIC website to find out how much money major banks have in cash value life insurance.

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Economist Carlos Lara on Inflation, Privatized Banking, and The Federal Reserve

One of the heaviest taxes we pay, and will pay, is the inflation of our dollars. This could potentially be the biggest problem we face, and it stems from the banking industry, government, and the federal reserve. We invited Carlos Lara, an expert in Austrian Economics, to share with us how privatized banking is a key step to controlling inflation.

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Special Guest: Nelson Nash – Discoverer of the Infinite Banking Concept

If you’ve learned anything about the Infinite Banking Concept than there is one thing we are certain of… you’ve heard the name Nelson Nash. Nash is the discoverer of the Infinite Banking Concept and the first to ever put this strategy on paper in his book titled, “Becoming Your Own Banker.” Listen in as Nelson shares with us how he discovered the Infinite Banking Concept, and why his personal experience is the reason he has made it his mission to share the value of dividend paying whole life insurance.

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